My strength vs God’s strength

In my own strength I am weak.

In my own strength I find it difficult to face the day that comes with its challenges. 

In my own strength I struggle sometimes to get out of the bed in the morning. 

In my own strength it’s difficult to be a parent.

In my own strength it’s difficult to keep my emotions together when someone offends me.

In my own strength I want to follow my flesh that wants to eat junk food all the time. 

In my own strength I want to spend my savings on things that is not important. 

In my own strength I’m anxious, worried & fearful about a lot of things. 

In my own strength I want to give up on my goals and my dreams because it seems like nothing is changing. 

But when I tap into God’s strength – everything becomes easy and possible. 

When I tap into God’s strength – there is a shift in my spirit. There is a shift in my mindset and because of this shift I feel so much better – emotionally. 

With God’s strength I can face another day. 

With His strength – there is no evidence of fear, anxiety, worry, depression present in my life. 

With God’s strength I feel like I am super woman – I can take on just about anything. 

Jesus reminds us in the book of John that without Him we can do nothing! 

He says that He will supply all of my needs. Jesus is whatever we need Him to be. 

When you feel any form of negativity creeping in – tap into God’s strength! His strength is made perfect in your weakness.πŸ’ Febihola Jacobs

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His Presence

I can declare and confess today that God is good and that there is nothing better than being in His presence.

It is important for me to renew my mind every single day. You know why? Because the devil is so sneaky that he will try everything to make me feel discouraged and depressed every chance he gets. Like this morning before getting out of bed he actually tried to convince me not to go to church, through playing mind games. He made me feel unwanted, not loved and made me feel that I’m not good enough. But because I know what it feels like to be in that negative state of mind, I have learned to talk to myself positively.

Fighting the devil with God’s Word makes me a winner each and everyday- all the time. Not only do I stay positive but also worship and praise God in difficult times, even when I don’t feel like it.

At church I always enjoy the worship service and the teaching/s always feels like it was or is specially for me… For me, that is my reminder that God is always present, that He is with me all the time. ✝️❀️

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The start of my day…continued

My morning sessions with God…

28 & 29/10/2015

Angus BuchanΒ 

  • God will not be mocked. Obey His Word at all times.

TD Jakes

  • Run after your destiny.
  • Somestimes life demands you to pick up the pace…

Joyce Meyer (Devotional)

  • How to be happy.
  • We should appreciate each others gifts.
  • Having gifts that differ according to the grace gives us, let us use them. (Romans 12:6)

Reading the Bible : John 14

  • The Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  • He promises another Helper – the Helper is the Holy Spirit.

Song for the day : You make me brave – Bethel Music

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The start of my day

I get such a high of spending some quality time with God. I look forward to the early morning hours and my late evenings. This is my quality time set aside with Him. I include the love of Jesus Christ in my everyday life…it get difficult sometimes but in those difficult moments I turn to Him. The past week I started writing down whatever I am learning each day, especially what messages I get during my morning sessions with God. There are so many great teachers, and I just cannot miss a morning without my favourite teachers preaching the Word of God…


Angus Buchan @ 06:00 – 06:05am

  • Seek God Himself and not His gifts.

TD Jakes @ 06:05 -06:30am

  • God goes undercover. “I am healed but its undercover…”

Read: Joyce Meyer (Devotional)

  • Where is God? Β – Sometimes He hides from us until eventually, when we miss Him enough, we begin to seek Him. He promises that we will find Him. (1Chronicles 28:9)

I know now for sure that this is what I’ve been looking for. The Word of God satisfies me. I don’t need anything else, all I need…is His Love. I found my bliss.

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Balancing Act… Part 2

me time

My job

I make the choice to not think about how I feel. The moment I focus on thinking about my feelings, I totally shut down and cut myself off from everyone around me. And this results in me feeling depressed which I hate. Therefore I do everything in my power not to get to a point of feeling depressed. Through watching motivational programs and reading I have learned that we are always on the right part of life…it’s the wrong choices we make which leads us to a point of disappointment or unhappiness. I choose to be happy and think positive thoughts. The moment something negative enters my life I make that choice to turn it into the positive. That is how I get through difficult situations. I choose to be happy on purpose. Should I decide to let these negative situations affect my life it starts to affect my thinking andΒ my emotions. Then this will result in me not getting up in the morning and do what I’m suppose to do. If I’m not able to get up in the morning, this will lead to me not being able to get my son ready for school, which will also lead to me not being able to go to work and finish my task/s for that day. Yes, I have to allow myself to also focus on my feelings from time to time. I also have to take care of me. But I also know that my job is important and that I should focus on the things that I have control over. There is a time for work and play…and should still be @ peace and content with just about anything. I still have a long way to go but I want to reach that point where I accept what everyone else resists and resist what everyone else accepts…I know now that having balance in my everyday life is the key.

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Balancing Act.

Time with God.

Getting up early in the morning @ 4 became a routine for me about 6 years ago. I had to travel to work for about 3 hours and back home. Getting a job closer to home was the best news ever. This meant that I could get up @ 6 in the morning to get ready for work. This led to me still waking up round about 4/4:30 a.m. in the morning even after 4 years. This is my time with God before getting ready for work. I discovered throughout my everyday life there is nothing better than spending my time with Him. How did I get to this point in my life? As a result of unhappiness, disappointments and feeling lonely most of my days, I knew that something was missing in my life. And whatever I was looking for wasn’t in earthly things, I could only find it in God. I love spending most of my time with God. I made it a priority in my everyday life to set time aside with God. No matter what happens, all I know is that I cannot start my day without Him. Whenever I go through difficult times I can always go back and find myself in Him and rest in His Word first before continuing with my daily responsibilities. I have learned that one should have balance in your life because if we don’t we will find that things get too much for us too handle. If it is love, appreciation, respect, happiness, satisfaction, support, etc that I need – I know where to find all of the above… Only in Him my Father.

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Feeling dry…

Out of his belly shall flow a life of living waters…

Fitting into a crowd in the past two years made me realise that whatever I was looking for was not in other people or in material things. I believe we have to go through disappointments, failures and heartache to understand what life is about. My experiences led me to a point where I know now that our own ways are not always the best way. We always have to put our trust in God and not in man. Man disappoints but God reappoints. I also turn any negative situation into the positive because I know that God also blesses us with our enemies. TD Jakes – Dry Places, my favourite teaching –Β learning about the Holy Spirit and water was an awakening for me. Neither can I live without water nor the Holy Spirit. Whenever I go through a difficult phase in my life, I remind myself that the water is in me. “Out of his belly shall flow a life of living water.” – Water is worshipping God through those difficult moments. This is the only way I can get God to sit into my complaints, through worshipping Him. The more timeΒ I give Him the more He willΒ pour into me. John 7:37 , I love this scripture…God is the only One who can quench my thirst.Β Sometimes, He waits until we get to the end of ourselves. One thing I know for sure is that He is my Lord and the quencher of my thirst. HeΒ  is my living water.

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Seeking His face and not only His hand

Waking up this morning I felt this emptiness inside of me. I cried and asked God to just show me the way. I realised that somehow I have lost myself over the last week. I used to wake up in the morning when my alarm goes off @4:30, I thank God for being able to open my eyes and getting to see another day. The last week was different. This morning I spoke to God but something was missing. I have allowed to let life’s circumstances take over my thinking and my emotions. I switched on my tv on the FAITH Channel, Angus Buchan was on and his message for today was to seek God (John 1:36-37). Wow, I just thanked God for that message which I so desperately needed to built up my strenght. Just when I thought I was lost, I could go back I find myself in God again and I can take on my day and my responsibilities.

My Favourite

My treat

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